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This European Soccer School was started especially for children and young footballers in countries Asia and East American players are lagging behind comparing other countries. So     Here We teach football basics using only European football techniques and we teach with European-licensed football coaches. The manner in which students are treated here is very safe and friendly manner. We will teach the kids and young players only positive things to support them and make them remember the bright football dreams of the future are waiting for them. The primary aim of this football school is not only to teach the fundamentals basic of football but also to guide them to the next level. We don’t only do coaching but also participate in the birthdays and celebrations of kids and young footballers   
After a certain period of time, parents can cooperate and make them participate in international competitions thereby increasing their interest and involvement. Sometimes leading football players or football educators will be invited to motivate kids and young players
All in all, ESS is always dedicated to the happiness of kids and young footballers and their grass root development
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